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Customized Rotating Nut Ball Screw SFU 3205 With Nuts

Basic Info

Model No.: SFU 3205-4

Product Description

Product Description
Customized Rotating Nut Ball Screw SFU 3205 With Nuts
Ball screw are used in aircraft and missiles to moving control surfaces, especially for electric fly by wire and in automobile power steering to translate rotary motion from an electric motor to axial motion of the steering rack . Ball screw also used in machine tools, robots and precision assembly equipment .High precision ball screw are used in steppers for semiconductors manufacturing.
Model No
SFU 3205-3

Main Features

1.A small friction loss, high transmission efficiency
There are a lot of balls rolling movement between the screw shaft and ball screw screw nut, they are able to get a higher efficiency of movement. Helpful in saving.
Ball screw was manufactured by the world's highest level mechanical equipment, especially in the grinding, assembly, inspection of the process plant environment, temperature and humidity were strictly controlled, because of the sound quality management system so that the accuracy can be fully guaranteed.
3.High speed feed and Micro-feed may
Ball screw used the ball movement, so the starting torque is very small, It's doesn't appear as a sliding motion creeping phenomenon , can ensure accurate micro-feed.
4.Axial stiffness high
Ball screw can be adding preloading, The axial clearance can be achieve negative due to the pre-pressure , then get a higher rigidity.
5.Due to their high efficiency,precision ball screw assemblies are in principle not self-locking.

6. Smooth & High-speed Motion , Low Noise , Long Service Life ,Energy Saving

Detailed Images

1.Speed CNC machine.
2.Machine tools
3.Line cutting
4.Engraving machines
5.Industrial machine
6.Electronic machine
7.Printing machine

Ball Screw is made of screw and ball nut . It's function is to turn the rotary,motion into linear motion.,which is a future extension and development of ball screw. The significance of the development is to move into a rolling bearing from sliding action. With little frication, Ball Screw are widely used into various industrial equipment and precision instruments.

Our Service
(1) We have first-class testing equipment to detect the product various data parameters
and control the quality of the products.
Whenever products must first detected whether the quality is qualified and the unqualified them will be eliminated directly.
So we can get the trust of a large customer, and supply them for several years.
(2) We have our own R & D capabilities, to help customers solve the problem of non-standard products.
(like bearings,ball screws,lead screws etc.)
We can also according to customer requirements change their own mark.
(3) price, our manufacture ensure that our prices across China are quite competitive.
It is better for you to compare prices and quality among suppliers.
But everyone knows you can not buy the highest quality products with the lowest price,
but our product is the best quality if you use equal price.
Packing & Delivery

1.Plastic bag+box case or wooden case. If the ball screw length is more than 3 meters ,please inform us in advance. We will check the transport express information.
2.According to our customer's request

Why choose us

1. The unique and professional manufacturer for ball screw in China
high rigidity designs, manufactures a large array of ball screws:
a.Standard ball screw:high speed cooled ball screw,rotating nut and self-lubricating ball screw.
b.Customized ball screw,miniature ball screw, large diameter ball screw, high helix ball screw.
c.Ball screw thread direction: right hand, left hand, bi-directional thread ball screw.
d.Material:stainless steel
e:Surface coating:black oxide, Teflon, etc..
2. Processing a number of distributors in China locally:
Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai
3 Quality control
1).We have QC department to control quality for each step.
2).We also have Automatic product equipments which can control the precision itself
4 Competitive Price
Screw Technology is a manufacturer which can export directly to customer, so there is no intermediary cost involved.
5 Fast Delivery
Standard model: 7~15 days
Customized model: 30 days at most
6 Best After-Sale Service
After-sale service and any technical assistance are always given quick support within 12H.
Notice:we can cut any length as your request!!
we can also do the machining as your drawing!!
pls tell us which side would prefer ball nut to close
big head close to BK end machning side or BF end machining side

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