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BLDC Motor Controller (BLMD-2406)

Product Description

The specification of high performance controller
BLMD2406 controller uses dedicated high-performance Brushless DC Motor IC from USA. This controller is suitable for driving brushless dc motors with small and medium power. The motor operates with high speed, small vibration, low noise and stable running due to the new PWM technology

1. Characteristic
1DC voltage20VDC-36VDC
2PWM frequencyNo less than 12KHZ
3The input signal is compatible with TTL
4Drive currentUp to 8A
5Open loop &closed loop speed controlGeneral Settings for the open loop before delivery, Users can request to set the maximum closed loop speed. Users can own change the maximum closed loop speed. The change of closed loop speed should be operated by professionals.
6Dimensions85 * 59 * 19

2. Pin description
1+ATG,ND terminalExternal DC power
2U terminalMotor phase U
3V terminalMotor phase V
4W terminalMotor phase w
5+ 5V terminalHall element power
6GND terminalHall element power negative terminal  namely 0V
7HALL AHall element phase A
8HALL BHall element phase B
9HALL CHall element phase C
10CW terminalMotor's enable terminal for forward
run, effective with low level
11CCW terminalMotor's enable terminal for reverse run, effective with low level
12BRAKE terminalBrake inputs terminal, effective with low level
13DA terminalSpeed control terminal, usually 0-5V
14ACC potentiometer in the driverControl acceleration and deceleration time, within 0.1s and 5s

3. Electrical Characteristics (Tj=25ºC)
1DC voltage20VDC to 36VDC
2Maximum output current8A
3Insulation resistanceHigher than 500MΩ

4. Using environment and parameters
1CoolingNatural cooling or forced air cooling
2EnvironmentNo dust and corrosive gases
3Temperature0 ° C- + 50 ° C
4Humidity40- 89% RH

5. Mechanical installation

                      Chart 1: Mechanical Dimensions
BLDC Motor Controller (BLMD-2406)
6. Power supply
Normal operating voltage is from 20V to 36V. The driver can be supplied by unregulated DC power. Step-down transformer + bridge rectifier + capacitor filter also. Capacitance can greater than 2200μF. But care should be taken that the rectified voltage ripple peak value is no more than 20V.If you use regulated switching power , note that the output current range of switching power need to be larger than 10A.
Please note:  1.Best to use non-regulated power
                    2.When using non-regulated power , the output capacity                          of power current should be higher than 60% current of                        controller. When using power, the output capacity                                should be higher than current of controller.
                    3. In order to reduce the cost, 2 or 3 controllercan share                        the power. But should improvethe rated power &rated                          output current of  power and pay attention to the heat.
7. Driver Wiring

A complete brushless DC Motor control system should contain a brushless Dc Motor, brushless DC motor controller, DC power and control signals. The following is a typical system diagram
Chart 2 Drive wiring diagram
BLDC Motor Controller (BLMD-2406)
 8. Fault Phenomenon and Ruled Out
When the power is on, the emitting tube is with 1-second light and 1-second dark. CW terminal or CCW terminal is with low level. The emitting tube light for long time when the driver operates.
Default phase: emitting tube flare for 2 times and dark for long time-- Check the Hall signal
Restricted rotation or over current: emitting tube flare for 3 times and dark for long time-- Check the Hall signal & Check whether the dead load & Check whether motor with short circuit

BLDC Motor Controller (BLMD-2406)

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