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Aluminum Enclosure PLC Control Cabinet System Box

Basic Info

Model No.: OEM

Product Description

Aluminum Enclosure PLC Control HMI And Servo Systems Cabinet


Product Description


Good performance

We focus on the PLC Program Development  and control cabinet assembly,invt,Siemens,ABB,Mitsubishi,Yaskawa,Ormon,Panasonic,Fuji and so on.

Design solution,program development and cabinet assembly,any is welcome.

If you have any requirement,freely contact me.

We fouce on your satisfaction!



PLC Specification

HMI Specification

Servo Specification

Voltage level Power   Servo motor Servo driver
220V   200W              SV-ML06-0R2-2-                      SV-DA200-0R2-2- 
400W SV-ML06-0R4-2-  SV-DA200-0R4-2- 
750W SV-ML06-0R7-2-  SV-DA200-0R7-2-
1.0kW SV-ML08-1R0F-2- SV-DA200-0R7-2- 
850W SV-MH13-0R8B-2-  SV-DA200-1R0-2- 
1.0KW SV-MM13-1R0E-2-  SV-DA200-1R0-2- 
1.0KW SV-MM13-1R0F-2-  SV-DA200-1R0-2- 
1.3kW SV-MH13-1R3B-2-  SV-DA200-2R0-2- 
1.5kW SV-MM13-1R5E-2-  SV-DA200-1R5-2- 
1.5KW SV-MM13-1R5F-2-  SV-DA200-1R5-2- 
2.0KW SV-MM13-2R0E-2-  SV-DA200-2R0-2- 
2.0KW SV-MM13-2R0F-2-  SV-DA200-2R0-2- 
3.0KW SV-MM13-3R0B-2-  SV-DA200-3R0-2- 
4.4KW SV-MM13-4R4B-2-  SV-DA200-4R4-2- 
400V 850W SV-MH13-0R8B-4-  SV-DA200-1R0-4- 
1.0KW SV-MM13-1R0E-4- SV-DA200-1R0-4- 
1.3kW SV-MH13-1R3B-4-  SV-DA200-2R0-4- 
1.5kW SV-MM13-1R5E-4-  SV-DA200-1R5-4- 
2.0kW SV-MM13-2R0E-4-  SV-DA200-2R0-4- 
3.0kW SV-MM18-3R0B-4-  SV-DA200-3R0-4-
4.4KW SV-MM18-4R4B-4-  SV-DA200-4R4-4- 
5.5kW SV-MM18-5R5B-4-  SV-DA200-5R5-4- 


Communication Networking




1) Electronics Manufacturing Equipment: winding machine, stripping machine, battery manufacturing equipment, LED manufacturing equipment, dispenser, plug-ins, etc.;

2) CNC Equipment: EDM, wire cutting, CNC lathe, milling machine, deep hole drilling, Bending Machine, spring machine, etc.;

3) Packaging Machinery: bag making machine, sealing machine, blister packing machine, pillow packing machine, labeling machine, etc.;

4) Printing Machinery: screen printing, adhesive label printing machine, paper cutting machine, cutting machine, hot stamping machine, folding machine, etc.;

5) Textile Machinery: computerized flat knitting machines, embroidery machines, air-jet looms, water jet looms, rapier looms, warp knitting machines;

6) Plastics Machinery: unloading robots, automatic blow molding machines;

7) Other: glass equipment, hoop bending machines, test equipment.

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Company Information


We, Lunyee Industries Development Co., Ltd.,are a leading manufacturer for factory automation(FA) products!

1,transmission products: AC and DC(brush/brushless) gear motor
highprecision planetary Gearbox(spur/helical gear),servo motor and stepping motor

3,linear bushing,linear guide,ball screw,locking nut and coupling and so on!




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